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2015 Junior Section Revew

Posted by Stuart Rudkin on 01/12/2015 23:02

This document reviews delivery by the junior section against the Club’s aims and objectives for 2015, highlighting achievements and opportunities for improvement 2016.

Mission Statement

Darley Dale Cricket Club aims to promote the game of cricket throughout the local community by:

  1. providing the opportunity for people of all ages to learn, play and enjoy the game of cricket in a safe environment;
  2. providing quality facilities, coaching, practice and match play of the appropriate level for all members;
  3. establishing and maintaining strong links within other organisations (e.g. schools and clubs) in the local community.

Once again a great deal was achieved in 2015.  Numbers of juniors attending practice sessions increased for both Kwik and hardball with over 80 youngsters (U15s) participating to one degree or another, including nine girls.  The number of competitive teams increased through the addition of a second U11 hardball team increasing to 7. 

The infrastructure for managing and coaching teams needs further reinforcing and the need for continued support from parents to help run teams remains paramount.  I’m pleased to say that we continue to recruit well in that area with two parents attending the entry level Coach Support Worker course held at the Club.  In 2016, I expect to involve several of the older youngsters regularly in Kwik and hardball sessions.

Indoor winter nets at the Arc once again combined junior and senior sessions on Sunday afternoons.  A reassessment of how these sessions could be improved is required, especially given the seniors will be moving to a separate mid-week session.  In 2015 we successfully accommodated a small number of younger players aged 6-7 which could be the precursor to having two age groups in Kwik, beginners and development, moving forward.

The summer nets were also combined on Tuesday evenings and this proved a massive success to the extent that the numbers attending were too many to handle effectively.  The required a re-think led to splitting into two groups which practicing on alternate weeks.  This is unsatisfactory as it means the time to practice and develop outside a match environment is halved, something that must be addressed for next season.

The Club continues to maintain strong links with local schools.  Full details are contained in the Schools Plan.  The Club hosted two kwik tournaments, one hardball tournament and a hardball match for local schools during the year and is recognised as the first stop for schools cricket in the Matlock and Bakewell areas.  The Club participated in the Chance to Shine Scheme and were awarded a total of 32 hours of coaching for partnership schools.

Club Aims & Objectives

Aim 1: Harness and develop all young cricketers so they have the opportunity to contribute to the game of cricket at all levels and play a central role in club cricket life

  1. To continue to provide a safe environment to introduce and develop young cricketers in the basis skills and spirit of cricket;
  2. To expand the provision of junior cricket at the Club, providing two U11 Kwik, two U11 hardball teams, U12, U13 and U15 teams in 2015;
  3. To develop coaching capability to support the development of the junior section;
  4. To identify and support talented players in their development.

Each of these aims was met in the year.  We ran seven teams (2 Kwik, 2 U11, U12 U13 and U15) successfully winning two cups and two league trophies during the season. 

The Club ran a Coach Support Worker course, the entry level for new coaches over two Monday evenings in the summer.  Seven players, parents and U16s attended and I’m pleased to say that all are actively seeking the opportunity to put what they learned into practice

Jack Whawell was selected for the Derbyshire boys U11 squad and Holly Maycock was part of the Derbyshire girls U15 squad, and also played at the U17 level.  Sam Allen, Ben Croney and Harry Rudkin played for the Derbyshire Dales district U15 squad during the season.  Ben Sellors captained the U13 squad containing Arron Frobisher, Ben Jordan, Max Maycock, Louis Street and George Whawell. 

A total of 19 youngsters played senior cricket in 2015, 12 of whom made debuts, all making valuable contributions with bat, ball and in the field.  Three youngsters Sam Coates, Jack Stephenson and Matt Wright played for the First XI.

Aim 2: Develop and strengthen a structure and pathway for women and girls to actively participate in and follow cricket

  1. To continue to provide mixed Kwik cricket practice and match play.
  2. To consider girls only practice sessions should demand warrant it.

In all nine girls of various ages attended Kwik cricket sessions with three girls regularly playing in league matches.  Two girls, Emily Hurst and Holly Maycock, are currently training with the county girls U11/13 squads.  It was not considered necessary to run girls only sessions during 2012 however draft plans are in place for two taster sessions to be run in addition to the winter training programme.

Aim 3: Develop and strengthen the whole club environment, promoting cricketing opportunities for black and ethnic minorities and disabled people,

  1. To provide the opportunity for everyone, irrespective of race, colour or ethnic origin, to participate fully in Club activities.
  2. To provide the opportunity for any disabled persons to participate fully in Club activities.

Nothing specific to report in relation to the junior section.

Aim 4: Ensure that our cricket club is an integral part of the local community, contributing an invaluable service to all sections of the local community, developing club members, supporters and volunteers.

  1. Develop links with schools in Darley Dale and the wider Derbyshire Dales area, providing access to coaching and facilities to promote all aspects of cricket to the widest possible audience.
  2. Hosting a school Kwik tournament;
  3. Hosting a school hardball match;
  4. Hosting a summer coaching course during the school holidays.

School links agreements are being pursued with all schools in Darley Dale and the immediate surrounding area and a school links plan has been prepared to support this.  Coaching sessions have also been promoted at the leisure centre and in local press.  The Club’s facilities were used required to host both the Hghfields schools cluster and Dales Final Kwik cricket tournaments, Dales hardball cricket matches for years 7/8 and 9/10, hosted a district U15 match and a county girls U17 match.  Unfortunately once again, the Dales and Derbyshire lost their respective matches but the Club received lots of positive feedback on both the pitch and the facilities.  

The junior section has not had any involvement in the summer cricket camp but several youngsters attended what DCB described as was one of their best attended camps across the county.  The camps were followed each day by 3 1:1 coaching sessions nearly all of which were booked.  I hope that this success could lead to more regular sessions at the Club next season.

Aim 5: Develop and strengthen senior playing teams, providing positive role models to all club members, leading to achievement and success

  1. To establish a First XI capable of playing in Division 3 of the Derbyshire Cricket League;
  2. To establish a Second XI capable of building on promotion to Division 6 of the Derbyshire Cricket League and providing development opportunities towards the First XI;
  3. To establish a Third XI based on the development of junior cricketers and providing development opportunities towards the Second XI;
  4. Maintaining a Mid-week XI in the Longstone League;
  5. To develop Club facilities, especially those used for practice.

The junior section provided 19 players for senior sides. The Third XI contained a high proportion of U16 players throughout the season.  The attitude, application and talent of these youngsters was frequently praised by opposition players.  The junior section contributed funds to improve practice facilities which included a new bowling machine and a second free-standing practice net.


Stuart Rudkin, Junior Coordinator. 5th October 2015