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Darley Dale Cricket Club Cricket Policy

Posted by Stuart Rudkin on 06/12/2016 20:14

The Club’s Commitment

The Club is committed to -

  • a policy of striving to play cricket at the highest possible level and  encouraging the widest possible participation at other levels;
  • providing the best facilities within its means to ensure opportunities for all playing members to play cricket at appropriate levels;
  • the development of young cricketers of both genders through the opportunity to represent the Club and county, district and regional representative teams. The Club will work closely with parents, local schools and Derbyshire Cricket Board (DCB) to stimulate enthusiasm for, and participation in, cricket by young people;
  • giving every encouragement, support and opportunity to young players to take the step between youth and adult cricket and manage this step successfully;
  • ensuring that no player who wishes to play adult cricket is denied the opportunity to do so irrespective of age or gender, provided that the player is considered to be of the required capability; and
  • giving all members the opportunities to develop their skills and to train and qualify as coaches, umpires and scorers.

The Player’s Commitment

The Club expects that every player shall behave in a proper manner in accordance with Club, England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB), DCB and League requirements at all times when playing, practising, spectating and being involved with cricket and the Club. Every player shall treat the Club’s facilities and equipment in a proper manner and with due care.

Every player is also expected to –

  • notify their Team Captain in good time as to their availability;
  • otherwise be available for selection for any Club team for which they are eligible to play;
  • improve their playing abilities through regular practice as far as circumstances permit;
  • pay their subscriptions by the due date and pay any match fees on the day of the match; and
  • support the Club in its efforts to maintain improve and develop its facilities by practical help, fund raising etc.


1) The team for each league and cup match is to be the one that is most likely to produce the best performance. Priority in team selection for adult teams will be given to the 1st,2nd and 3rd X1s in that order. However the lowest X1 is to be regarded predominantly as a development X1 for younger players and this fact shall take priority in selection of the team but with due regard to the availability of adult players. The Selection Committee may use other criteria in selecting teams for friendly matches. Moreover, in certain circumstances, factors other than expected performance may be taken into account in the selection of teams for league and cup matches, for instance –

  • when the selection of a particular player for a certain team in a given match may impact adversely on his/her eligibility for future matches;
  • when the interests of the Club as a whole require that the normal order of priority between teams should be amended in considering the selection of eligible players;
  • when the immediate personal situation of a particular player makes it preferable for him/her to be selected in a particular side, regardless of ability;
  • when the player concerned is, or has been, late in paying his/her subscription;
  • when there are disciplinary issues(e.g. poor behaviour or failure to be present without due notice) which are, in the first instance, the Selection Committee’s responsibility to address.

2) All playing members of the Club will be considered to be available for selection for any Club team for which they are eligible to play. However, in the case of an older player, or one who is suffering from illness or injury, sensitive consideration will be given to a request to play only for a particular team, provided the standard at which the team is playing is equal to, or lower than, that at which the Selection Committee would otherwise have selected him/her to play.

3) In normal circumstances the appointed captain of a team will not be selected for another Club team on a day when the team of which s/he is captain has a fixture. This principle overrides the one outlined in (2) above, except in special circumstances such as those outlined in (1) above.

4) When a player is promoted to play in a team more senior than the one to which s/he has been accustomed, the captain will endeavour to allow him/her a fair opportunity to demonstrate his/her ability. Players will be selected as batsmen, bowlers, wicket- keepers or a combination of these.

5) All playing members shall pay their subscription by the required date. Those in default shall be reminded by their team captains that their selection may be in jeopardy unless the subscription is paid within 14 days of the reminder being issued. The Treasurer is authorised to use discretion in relation to the financial circumstances of players who have not paid their subscription, and in cases of hardship must act within reasonable boundaries of confidentiality.

6) Team captains shall be responsible for ensuring that –

  • an adequate squad is recruited to play for each team each year;
  • players provide early indications of future non-availability;
  • teams take the field with eleven players wherever possible;
  • players are informed when they have not been selected  and the reasons are explained;
  • match fees and tea money are paid in full;
  • result sheets are signed and sent off, and scores are despatched to the league; and
  • the scorebook is available at each selection meeting.