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Management Committee Minutes 201702

Posted by Stuart Rudkin on 10/02/2017 11:17

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting held at The Pavilion. Wednesday February 8th 2017


S Cotterill, A Topley, J Horton, N Fearn, D Briggs, R Johnson, C Maycock, S Rudkin, D Lane, R Smith.


G. Topley, C. Horton, S. Coates, C. Elliot, K. Thompson, C. Sellors

1.  Minutes of last meeting.

These were read and approved.  Stuart Rudkin to upload them to the club website.

2.  Sponsorship and Publicity.

Nathan Fearn reported that he was in the process of contacting all last year’s sponsors as well as new potential sponsors.

Simon Cotterill gave a Markovitz card to Nathan to contact as a possible sponsor.

Nathan had prepared a press release for this week’s Matlock Mercury and other press and was in touch with Radio Derby – all regarding the Darley Dale Academy.

A Survey Monkey  app had been produced by Nathan to assist in obtaining feedback from hirers of DDCC facilities.

Stuart Rudkin has the fixture cards in hand with Tim Hubbard and Nathan to supply names of sponsors for the poster.

Beer Labels; sNOwBALL beer label has been produced by Tim Hubbard. Stuart Rudkin to arrange with Brampton Brewery and Jim Horton to confirm quantities with Brampton.

3.  Hosting/Fixtures/Ground Hire/Events

VP  Day this year to be on Sunday 2nd July and a day of junior cricket would be suitable. Stuart Rudkin to develop a programme. Also a BBQ to be provided. Future details to be discussed at the next meeting.

Disability County Match. Nothing further heard from them, thus item to be removed from agenda.

DCC Registration for Hiring Facilities. Jamie Watts to report at the next meeting.

Fisher Marquees were confirmed as a sponsor.

NATWEST Cricket Force day. Confirmed as Saturday 25th March. Andy Topley has distributed job sheets to the captain of each team.

4.  Cricket Sub Committee

Player Recruitment; an Australian overseas player [Jake Higgins. Batsman/WK] is being positively considered. He would come over with another player who had been signed by Wirksworth CC for the 2017 season. DDCC costs would firstly be an arrangement fee of £250. All air fares/visa costs would be borne by the player. The proposal to pursue an overseas player was agreed in principle.

Simon Cotterill had been in contact with a Vice President  who was interested in letting her house to accommodate both players. The meeting agreed an acceptable monthly rental [utilities and council tax included]. Simon Cotterill was authorised to complete the arrangements  subject to   the costs being shared between Darley Dale and Wirksworth Cricket Clubs.

The Chairman stressed that that the club we owed a duty of care to the Vice President to ensure that this arrangement worked properly.

Players Forum/Kit Purchase.  Simon Agreed to set this up and possibly combine with an invitation to All Round Cricket to attend with their kit samples.

Longstone League. The meeting agreed not to enter the League and Cup competitions for this season. The reasons being that the standard was not good; plenty of other opportunities to play competitive cricket and the probable lack of junior players because of exam commitments. Simon to inform Midweek Captain and Vice Captain.

Outlaws Cricket Fixture. Agreed to offer them a T20 evening  match suggested date Thursday 20th July.

5.  Junior Cricket

The first net session had attracted 20 players. Stuart and Chris Maycock expressed concern that U13 numbers were a little low [possibly because of re-starting juniors at Matlock].

ECB All Stars Cricket. For 5-8 yr olds. Stuart expressed disappointment at this scheme which did not appear to offer good value. Stuart to explore further.

Academy. The first session had been held at The Arc. Three of the older members had withdrawn for various reasons. Long discussion about modifications to the scheme. The Committee expressed support for Stuart and Chris Maycock  in making any necessary modifications/amendments.

6.  Pavilion/Ground.

New Electronic Scoreboard; this has been delivered at a cost of £4320.It was agreed that this should be sited on the flat roof above the bar and that there would be some additional costs to make a metal frame and install an outdoor electricity socket.

The Committee recorded the club’s thanks to Simon Cotterill for his very generous donation of £2000 towards the cost. Simon to inform Vice-Presidents  and Members about the purchase.

The club has again signed up to the Jewson scheme with the club paying £50 and the ECB £200.

Richard Johnson reported that he was awaiting final confirmation from Darley Dale Town Council that his grant application for £500 towards the cost of the Academy had been approved. Richard was also making an application to the Sport England Community Asset Fund for the costs of renewing the pavilion frontage. It was agreed that the club would put up a contribution of 10% (currently £1564-00).

Fascias and guttering are being replaced this week.

Inventory. Jim Horton had made an inventory of pavilion and ground equipment and had a photo record all for insurance purposes. The new scoreboard and TV to be added and Jim will provide Chris Sellors with all details.

Privacy film – this had now been provided on the home changing windows/door and the umpires room door as requested at the last meeting.

7.  Treasurer’s Report

SC – The treasurer reported the bank balance to the Committee

Audit; Simon to ask Jack Stone to audit.

8.  Secretary’s Report

Chris Sellors attending the League AGM

9.  Child Welfare

Policy Reviews. Stuart almost completed them.

DBS Checks Outstanding; Stuart Rudkin/Rob Smith/Charlie Cresswell/Jack Stephenson/Sam Coates and Phil Hurst.

Safe Hands Refresher Course; Agreed to host this event for DCB on one of the date

28/29/March 4/5 April [date to be confirmed]. Gile and Charlotte both need to update.

10.  Any Other Business

Vernon Colhoun Vice President. The club had been informed of his death. Jim Horton has written to Mrs Colhoun on behalf of the club.


Next Meeting. Wednesday March 8th 2017. Andy Topley will be away and Kev Thompson has been asked to chair.